This creative writing venture has run it's course, but life is NOT over. Apologies if you missed it. Que Sera, Sera...

I have begun an new venture and am thankful for the opportunity to have delved into the creative minds of those writers and creators. To be able to share the creative thinking of great story tellers and thinkers is a lesson that I will always remember fondly and continue to apply to MY LIFE.

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You just might find yourself in the process! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

What I Learned...


When an opportunity is presented to you, take it with caution, but be willing to dive into it while remaining truthful to yourself. Just because you didn't have knowledge before does not make you dumb. The fact that you're learning it now is more powerful than that negativity ever could be. Learning can come to you in many forms and put you in a place you never thought you'd be, but, that is where OPPORTUNITY resides. Learning never stops. I hope I was able to provide a learning path for the druation of the writing venture. I will keep it archived.


This was a venture that helped teach me to face the fear and take a look that things by writing the posts, doing the work, and facing the consequences. Putting yourself out there creatively is a scary thing, especially in this hypersensitive world. I hope to continue to share these experieces with others, but the thing to DO now is to archive this venture and DO the next thing, whatever that is. Remeber, it's one thing to have knowledge of the path, it's actually DOING the path that sets you apart from the others.


Time to take this show on the road! SMITUA, this is not over. Sometimes, conformity is necessary to achieve a goal. Remember that I did learn, I did do, and now my life is different because of it.
That is what life is all about. Taking chances, doing what NONE OF THEM ever thought I'd do, and having success at it to the point that it turned the system on it's ear.
I did try to get the knowledge to them, and for the ones I did, I've hoped that they have learned to live a little. 
It's archived, but not dead, and will live on. It's someone elses turn to continue on with the writers...
When it comes to life, it's what you learn, and what you do, that makes you live.
I will be here though, SMITUA, I will be here. 

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