The value of Knowledge vs. Pettiness

Hello again!

IGNORANCE - Ignorance is a lack of knowledge. The word ignorant is an adjective that describes a person in the state of being unaware, and can describe individuals who deliberately ignore or disregard important information or facts, or individuals who are unaware of important information or facts.

I mostly agree with the text in red from my experience. Also, being aware that your knowledge of having the power to be petty and then being ignorant to it is even worse! Becoming aware in my exitensial and living world have enlightened and hindered me somewhat, but in conclusion, has guided me properly through the sea of hatred that plagues the world today. Again, in my version of SMITUA-land, ignorance aligned with evil comes as a female, and supports its finding with that malformed attitude. So, instead of gaining knowledge of how to stop herself from letting petty statements and actions hurt others, they harness that evil and use it, ALL THE TIME! That's what gets SMITUA aroused. Now, I talk about how emasculation can dessimate a relativiely good ego and personality of a male. I dislike saying it guys, as I do not want to emasculate, but in retrospect, if the female is empowered by that evil, the male can descend into ignorace from what that evil perpetuates, especially if pettiness is used, and they become conditioned to it. SMITUA then jumps in, muff diving like an Olympic champion, and, if conquered by SMITUA, the relationship spirals out of control. If the male is then awakened to the issue, SMITUA has a hold on them both, and that can lead to violence, hatred, and SMITUA having to buy new underwear from the mass amounts of spooge/ejaculate eminating from its loins. Hence the term, "Ignorance is bliss!"

What has happened to me in my past with SMITUA is that stubborness for doing me wrong, not just incorrectly.You see, I have no counterpart in the scenario, so I hear both sides, and the ignorance thet perpetuates the matter. I set out when I was awakened to gain as much knowledge from my experiences as possible. I've always been humble, having knowledge that I am not formally scholared as most are, but that has not stopped me from being good and gaining valuable knowledge. It has been proven correct more and more as, through my path, that the sheer power of SMITUA has become more and more jealous, petty, and emotionally unstable, as a FEMALE would be, due to me gaining knowledge in the unconventional manner, or is it so unconventional? Look up Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs if you want to attempt to NOT be ignorant.

Maybe I am lucky in this regard. I see so many relationships where the males are just in a miserable, submissive state of aura. Maybe going through this with the petty bullshit will allow for me to find a female companion this is immune that that power. I fear though, that if SMITUA is able to use the sisters, CARRS, MSSR, and the CAT like it does, then there is no hope.

Today started with some bullshit about CARRS wanting to stop me from succeeding again at life, so that her and MSSR, or maybe the sister, could get their sexual prowess. I realize it is the jealous nature of SMITUA and that alter ego. Because I realize that though, the petty bullshit came in and took over my brain, casuing me to slip on my bathroom floor after taking a shower, and almost re-injure my foot. Now, one of the tattle tale 'girls' was saying that I would not succeed any further in life as now my foot has healed from being injured. (I'm visiting the foot physican this week...) And, because of my successes while injured, being healed would cause the opposite to happen.

Next, when I opened my bathroom cabinet door, the hinge fell off, at the same time, the shelf came off the hooks and everything fell on the floor. Next I hear, "Your house is a wreck! It's messy, blah blah blah!" Uhhh...THAT is UN-TRUE. Anyway, I get dressed, get the drill and fix the door.

This petty shit continues all day. I keep hearing how MSSR, SMITUA's disciple, is responsible for this, all the while CARRS is attacking, while the sisters are being their Narcissist. All this bullshit because I gained knowledge of the role of John the Baptist in the Bible. I thought that would be a great way to spend Easter and reflecting on Theology as an educational venture. I am no scholar, but for a FEMALE, to have a man beheaded for steering her husband, (the X Husband's brother BTW...), towards opening his mind to educating himself, possible repentance, and 'ruining' of her lifestyle, all the while using HER DAUGHTER to SMITUA him into it, is the most real and sinister energy I have ever encountered. Why would you think the guy would be tempted by the step daughter? He sure as hell wasn't getting any from the wifey. WEAK WEAK WEAK! That's just an example of the pity I feel for a man that is controlled by that EVIL that comes from a controlling, PROJECT CHICK, FEMALE. Guess that is why Dumbledore says, "Pity the living Harry.". And that is why, in my experiences, I say, " AIN'T NO PUSSY EVER GOOD ENOUGH!" Fall in love with their GOODNESS, and if they want to be naughty in bed, cool. BUT, if they prescribe to that EVIL, say that statement TO THEIR FACE, and walk away. Isn't that what we have taught women to do? 

My suggestion is to NOT be an ignorant man. Live and let live though!


I have diabetes, but SMITUA definitely has VOLUNTARY PGAD from this power. People, please, when given an opportunity to educate yourselves, don't be afraid. Why? SMITUA want's to cum! Being positive and learning means that you are on the path of good. Just read the forune cookie above.

More to come...

The GENDER Battle!

This one has taken a while...

SMITUA likes to hide and put people to the test. In my dealings with SMITUA, I've had to go different routes with my group to get the truth out about the hiding of the intentions. If you've been reading this blog, you'll have knowledge that I have caught a tremendous amount of backlash. This has been one of the alter egos of SMITUA addressing the hyper-sensitivity of the world today. 

SMITUA has pitted the female gender against me to try an ruin my reputation. HELLO?!?! I have been an ally to Women's Rights and Choice for MANY YEARS NOW! I have been on the front lines fighting for CHOICE! I realize that doing that has opened me up to this SMITUA and its narcissistic ways. 

What has been going on has shown me, since SMITUA is unable to NOT be arrogant and narcissistic, the power that is causing these other egos that I talk about. After many months of stating my case and working with the Female and Male energies I come into contact with, here is the VERIFIED realization:

In order to start trouble in a relationship, SMITUA will pit the genders against each other, causing angst, fighting, etc... If the couple is strong, then SMITUA begins the grimy incessant torture as it were to gain control. Because women are emotionally strong, as they will so aptly state mind you, or emotionally weak, as a male might say, SMITUA will use that to gain mind control over the Female. It then pits that emotional state against the male. We have all witnessed the "angry female" and how they will start fights to pass their emotional state to the male, or the children, etc...

The male at this point, will have to make a choice: FIGHT, FLIGHT, and FIND MS. RIGHT. C'mon gals, you have full knowledge of what I am speaking of. It really matters at which level you play the "MAN" at. It is unfortunate that most females don't realize that you cannot push that hatred and emotional crap into the male and fight it that way. (I think I hear SMITUA laughing as one of the sisters!! LOL! Really though, SHIT IS NOT FUNNY!) So, the man, will either fight you to the death, run away like a little boy, or cheat on you! Did that statement sound like it was said by a lot of you females? Why is it so hard for you females to believe that it was of YOUR own doing?!? It is because, SMITUA has a mind fuckhold on you! DUH!!!!

There is a fourth option...the male submits to the female, and this is where I come in! I have to then try to reverse the process in order for the male not to be emasculated, so much so that SMITUA sent the POLICE to my HOUSE as if I was in the middle of a domestic violence action, even though I live with nobody! It is an effort to attain balance with both the female and the male.

Here's why:

I do NOT try to reverse it as a so called "reciprocation" as SMITUA would want it. Reciprocation works on its own and does not try to hurt, only teach a valuable lesson, which can hurt, but reciprocation has full knowledge of SMITUA, which is why I don't interfere with reciprocation.

"Might go down as G. O. D." - Drake

It comes as a Female PEEP to me, but with the hate, emotional rage, and crap. Read about the Peeps and Poop. Well, here's the poop...SMITUA sees that opportunity to use hate to control the female ultimately as was the original plan, so it tries to present the female with another man, but one that is controlled by SMITUA as that man has been emasculated for a long time as SMITUA was all their life (NARCISSIST!). The female takes the bait, and SMITUA rules over both of them for eternity, causing the female to tailspin into hatred, drugs, sex, etc... By not being able to control this new man, the female is done, all the while building the NARCISSIST within the new man to retaliate for being emasculated prior to this relationship. Also, the original man either finds Ms. Right, and keeps SMITUA away, not letting it HIDE the inevitable copy of the control SMITUA just passed to the new man, or if not, tragedy ensues and FOUR lives are destroyed. This sends a large dump of endorphins through SMITUA, and since they are NARCISSISTIC, they have no remorse or "come down" as it were, ejaculating in a sea of hate, narcissism, and poopie love.  

I recognize this in the males that say, "Happy Wife, Happy Life!" or "I gotta ask mama!". It truly chills me to the core. It's a partnership people, not a dictatorship, and of course it cannot be SMITUA land! I am truly neutral gender wise on this subject, but do have my stance on the wrongness of the matter, and that is why I have the unique view of how SMITUA plays it.

SO, in an effort to truly help you females in the best way I can, please recognize when SMITUA is trying to emotionally mind control you and your relationship. Question yourselves. Is it coming through your man because you emasculate him? Is it already too late? I say no it is not too late, but ridding yourselves of SMITUA starts by cleansing yourself of the bad thoughts that you have towards the other gender. Don't push it on them or others. Keep a positive attitude and SMITUA will shit in its pants before too long!

We all want great commentary! I will be happy to debate these topics! POST AT COMMENT IF YOU WANT TO DEBATE! BUT DON'T BRING HATE! Remember how the hyper-sensitivity of the world affects everyone negatively. As Joe Rogan and Kevin Hart were talking about, "People think it's not cool to be positive these days! Well, it is TOTALLY COOL to be positive!!"


It's all about CHOICE!

Insomnia Again....

I truly value my sleep these days, but that has eluded me again this previous evening, but I was presented with a thought process of the Narcissist, and an excellent solution on how to stop that.

Again, from my dealings with the Narcissist, they are all about control. Having control can be the same as having pride, it can be a deadly sin if taken too far. As many of you have knowledge of, I've been dealing with the sister. Well, the sister has taken things way too far and has angered SMITUA by believing they are smarter than SMITUA. Of course, that is how the Narcissist thinks, and this Narcissist is so deeply troubled by their delusions of everyone hurting them all their life, that they took the bait of mind control and GOD like power. This of course, was what SMITUA laid out for them.

SO. This person has relished, as a Narcissist would, the power they've had to control others and their destiny. She definitely put the fight to my group with some arrogant success, but this was intended by GOD. Also, as I have stated in earlier posts, reciprocation plays a big factor in watching closely what transpires in all scenarios. Where SMITUA got its rocks off, was in the fact that the sister, in her Narcissistic arrogance, took things too far and allowed SMIUTA, along with myself, to enter her mind and truly out her desolate core. I'm reminded of the song by Nine Inch Nails - "Head Like A Hole" and how a good mind vs. a Narcissist will utilize those lyrics.

I took the good, healthy approach and have valiantly warned everyone I have come into contact with in the realm to be wary of her and her Narcissistic attitude every time it is encountered. I have also warned them that she utilizes the method of hate, in the same manner that SMITUA does, to enslave that part of their own mind, hate, wrong, etc... She, just wanted power, and SMITUA wanted power over her, as his its motive to enslave the mind.

Again, returning to the insomnia, I was sitting on my porch and this idea came to me from the realm that the sister had lost complete control, had realized it, but was torn on whether or not to continue inflicting pain/hurt on others as was done to her during her entire existence. "Reciprocation" she says, in a vibrant lie, as she is a Narcissist. The Narcissist will use any term, not fully having knowledge of the definition, to make themselves seem smarter and more of a "winner" than everyone else. Of course she thinks she is a winner! She has mind controlled others and infected their destiny to remit pleasure upon herself, going so far as claiming to be SMITUA! She has relished in the obliteration of all those for whom she thinks were going to hurt her! Shoot first she says arrogantly!

Luckily, someone in the group was thinking ahead while I was trying to mitigate this evil with the others in the group constantly. All the while, SMITUA pulling the strings...

So, what was presented to the sister was this: Since you have gained absolute power over other people's minds and they have bowed down to your "greatness", shouldn't you continue your power over the mind as now you have realized that reciprocation is taking hold on you? At first there is hearty laugh! "I control my mind!" she says, but in essence, how could she be controlling her mind if she has to fight to hurt people first?

Then the pain begins to enact itself on her. (This is what has happened to me with my dealings with SMITUA as well, but not for being a Narcissist.) She begins feeling sharp pains through parts of herself, that flows in like energy balls, sending the nerves into a frenzy! Next, begins the flatulence, unwanted and smelling like child birth, which I have heard really smells bad. Others being looking at her in a weird sense, stirring the brain. The narcissist reaction begins, starting the fight with others, with her fear driving hate, and masturbating SMITUA to chafing status! 

So we say, "LOOK! Here is an option for you! Why don't you do the correct thing for once in your miserable life and stop the manipulation, plotting, scheming, hurting, mind control, etc... Quit thinking everyone is out to hurt you all the time!" SMITUA says, " Yeah....that's me! I've let her take things too far and now I CONTROL HER MIND! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!" 

This sends her into an emotional tailspin that the Narcissist cannot handle. She tries controlling anyone in the realm to get out of the fear and pain she feels, but is unable to inflict or pass that energy to anyone! So, SMITUA says this, "You want control you feeble little girl when you cannot even control your own mind? Do this for me. Take a knife and slit your wrist deeply, as if committing suicide. If you are as powerful as you say you are, you should be able to stop your blood vessels from bleeding out. You say you control people's minds, emotions, and bodily functions. It should be easy to stop yourself from bleeding! THINK ABOUT IT! If you were shot, you could stop the bleeding and not worry about dying from it! Hell, you could even be like Neo in the Matrix and heal wounds! It's not really a spoon! The consequence is, for me to leave your mind and you have control of yourself, is that I take your ability to control ANYTHING ELSE! ANYTHING! AND THAT INCLUDES EVERYTHING! EVEN IF YOU SHOULD FAIL OR SUCCEED! The attempt is what I am after! I'm done chafing!"

Ahh, RECIPROCATION...My favorite thing!

Damned if you do, damned if you don't. When you willingly hurt others, you're damned. PERIOD! Although, doing the correct thing now to attempt to make amends, might set you free, but you know, it's just a little too late!