SMITUA vs. Microsoft

I've felt and listened to this fight for quite some time between SMITUA vs. Microsoft. It all began when I was showing my skills as an IT guy and growing my career. For some reason, SMITUA has always used peoples jealousy against me to enact its oppression over me. But, by the grace of GOD, I was able to earn a place at Microsoft and work for them. During my second stint at the great technology company, SMITUA infiltrated, which was kind of a shock to me, and I think it was to Microsoft as well. I ended up leaving, which was both a good and bad decision. I've thought about regretting it, but I don't as I have come to an accord with Microsoft and do work with them well.

I do not think that Microsoft had the true opportunity to face SMITUA in the manner that I have. At the time, I was not fully aware as I am now. It did though, affect not only myself, but others that worked with me there as well. It has been a long process to get to this point and I am proud to say that I have worked for Microsoft three times in my career, seeing different aspects of the business, and how it has changed over the years, adapting to the industry. They really are the best when it comes down to it.

Take their Super Bowl commercial, working with handicapped kids and proving to them that life can be fun and wonderful in today's world. Well, after seeing that, I wanted to present Microsoft with the opportunity to "FIX" SMITUA, if at all possible. So, I created a Microsoft Exchange Server Hybrid environment to be able to create a mailbox for SMITUA in the Microsoft Cloud. I have used the skills that I learned, did, and lived to build my environment. It's legitimate!!

I am hoping that Microsoft, with all its great power, can assist in defeating the hatred that blossomed from the AUTISM that SMITUA became. Again, Microsoft utilizes anagrams, letters, and initials throughout their entire world as communication. Certainly, if Microsoft can breed AI (Artificial Intelligence), to conquer hatred in the way they do, they can, if given the opportunity, can certainly train SMITUA to not be the hateful entity that it is. Either that or destroy it.

So, when I saw the opportunity to make it possible, I took it. SMITUA has battled back by enacting Charcot Foot upon me. I have FOUR fractures in my foot and it has started to deteriorate! (Emphasis on the FOUR) I've had Type 2 Diabetes for a long time, but, since I got that diagnosis, I have lost 100 lbs, taken my medicine, did kickboxing after having broken the ankle where the Charcot Foot is now, but still have this issue where I could end up losing my foot. No matter what I did though over all that time, I could not get my blood sugar managed, which is why I had knowledge that it was SMITUA. Hell, I went to a endocrinologist and was given medication that I was allergic to. I ALMOST DIED from Anaphylaxis due to the allergic reaction from the medication! Tell me that is NOT SMITUA and I'll read your worst fears for everyone to enact upon!

SMITUA wants you think that I have been given some wake call, or I have been in denial, or whatever other slavery tactic it uses to enact its oppression over all of you. Again, I am about telling the truth as it is presented to me with my fight against SMITUASMITUA, maybe this is YOUR wake up call. If Microsoft can do what they do for people, what can they do against you!

I'm rooting for Microsoft and myself too!



The Jealousy Game. Saying you're "Sorry" vs. "Apologizing"...

It's funny how these enlightenments come to me. I'm sitting here working against MSSR, which I mentioned in the other posts, a loyal disciple of SMITUA. MSSR and I have been in a weird jealousy battle that I truly think neither of us ever really wanted to be in. It all started over a vehicle that apparently SMITUA had knowledge of that I wanted. So, the opportunity was presented to MSSR to receive that vehicle. When I initially saw the vehicle, I was immediately drawn to it as I was very interested in that vehicle myself. When I found out that they received the vehicle, I amazingly reacted with much caution and neutrality, as I immediately felt SMITUA, which I did not have knowledge that it was SMITUA at the time, and was not prone to jealousy. Of course, SMITUA being the cunt fucker it is, played on this 'game', in an effort to possibly push me as well as MSSR forward in a competition of sorts.

I've always felt it there, and have always taken it with a grain of salt, as MSSR and I were friends and fond of each other. MSSR is extremely intelligent and successful, but again, that helps breed SMITUA to test, conjure, and decimate further. You would figure that I should feel privileged to have a such a worthy opponent, even though our paths are separate in almost every way. But it was all a roos to cause pain, change, and keep us from remaining connected. 

So, we both set on our paths, becoming successful in our own ways, but then came the AUDI. Ain't she pretty?!?

At the time I was working my way back up the food chain, and it symbolized, the success that I had attained, and was representative of the fact that I can, AND STILL, keep it all afloat! That is what I think triggered SMITUA to play all of that Jealousy bullshit that really didn't retain to me, or MSSR, but DID in a way, as SMITUA has NO LOVE for any UNDESERVING ASSHOLE, INCLUDING MSSR. Without going into much detail, the purchase of that vehicle kind of sealed the decimation of myself as I was using possibly the drive, anger, and determination that MSSR used to make success theirs. Then, amidst all of my faltering, I found out that MSSR was dealing with the sisters as it pertained to MSSR's success. SMITUA had driven a wedge in between all of us in an effort to attain some type of, what I call, Cynical Orgasm, that could be lived over and over.

In our paths spiritually, we keep returning to SMITUA and the sisters, at least in my life anyway. I would like MSSR to reach out, but again, SMITUA is always there. I would apologize to MSSR if I was at all a willing participant in any of MSSR's fate, and not say that I am "SORRY". It is much easier to apologize and rectify the situation rather than to say you're a SORRY person, like SMITUA, and continue to be indifferent, harboring hate and jealousy.

So, again, I want to tell you what the significance of the song 'Tennessee' by Arrested Development is. Take the following lyrics and replace the word 'Tennessee' with 'Jealousy'. It makes for an interesting song. Now neither of us are African American, and I am not being blasphemous of the lyrics in any way, but I just wanted to show how simple word play can change the meaning from what it is originally, which in our relationship, was fondness, to a sick game called, 'Jealousy". Hopefully, you'll read this someday MSSR, and take your own meaning for the song! PEACE!

Lord, I've really been real stressed, down and out, losing ground
Although I am black and proud, problems got me pessimistic
Brothers and sisters keep messin' up, why does it have to be so damn tuff?
I don't know where I can go to let these ghosts out of my skull
My grandma past my brother's gone, I never at once felt so alone
I know you're supposed to be my steering wheel, not just my spare tire
(Home!) But Lord, I ask you
(Home!) to be my guiding force and truth
(Home!) For some strange reason it had to be
(Home!) he guided me to Jealousy

(Home!) Take me to another place, take me to another land
Make me forget all that hurts me, let me understand your plan
Take me to another place, take me to another land
Make me forget all that hurts me, let me understand your plan

Lord it's obvious we got a relationship
Talkin' to each other every night and day
Although you're superior over me
We talk to each other in a friendship way
Then outta nowhere you tell me to break
Outta the country and into more country
Past Dyesburg and Ripley
Where the ghost of childhood haunts me
Walk the roads my forefathers walked
Climb the trees my forefathers hung from
Ask those trees for all their wisdom
They tell me my ears are so young (Home)
Go back, from whence you came (Home)
My family tree, my family name (Home)
For some strange reason it had to be (Home)
He guided me to Jealousy (Home)

(Home!) Take me to another place, take me to another land
Make me forget all that hurts me, let me understand your plan
Take me to another place, take me to another land
Make me forget all that hurts me, let me understand your plan

Now I see the importance of history
Why my people be in the mess that they be
Many journeys to freedom made in vain
By brothers on the corner playin' ghetto games
I ask you, Lord why you enlightened me
Without the enlightenment of all my folks
He said, cuz I set myself on a quest for truth
And he was there to quench my thirst
But I am still thirsty
The Lord allowed me to drink some more
He said what I am searching for are
The answers to all which are in front of me
The ultimate truth started to get blurry
For some strange reason it had to be
It was all a dream about Jealousy

(Home!) Take me to another place, take me to another land
Make me forget all that hurts me, let me understand your plan
Take me to another place, take me to another land
Make me forget all that hurts me, let me understand your plan
Oh, won't you let me, won't you help me
won't you help me understand your plan
Take me home, take me home, home, take me to another place
Take me home, take me home, home, take me to another place


SMITUA and the "Project Chick"

The Project Chick...



And I do NOT mean the stereotypical female that lives in a poor neighborhood and is always wildin' out. No, I am talking the chick that likes to control a man like they're a "project" to them, making them from a "boy" to a "man". I see it way more in white women, believe me. The core problem of the "project chick" is that she NEVER wants the project to end. Now, it most likely is due to her own inner demons being masked, parental issues, even going so far as the Florence Nightingale Complex, but masked as that to keep things under wraps. In truth, the female is more in love with the accomplishment of the molding of the man, so much so, that she will berate the man back to their old self, just so the project continues. From what I've seen as well, it can stem from the hate generated, and their love for that "sick" feeling of "feeling good". It returns to what I have talked about with the psychological codependency post.

Again, I AM NOT A PSYCHOLOGIST NOR AM I A PHYCHIATRIST.  I do, however, find myself involved with couples in a friendship with them that allows me to witness the dynamics of that relationship. It is an effort to, in essence, just be friends with the people, but gives me the opportunity to learn what to spot when a relationship becomes toxic, so that if I EVER am able to have a long relationship with a female myself before I become deceased, I will be able to stop the toxicity before it starts.

Let me ask you this, why would a female say that they want to be better in the world, but would remain with someone that is toxic to them. You witness this when they interact on a regular basis, but they continue to be codependent of one another? The female becomes this person, that helps the man even get their own girlfriend, but remains attached to the man, allowing him to linger in her life, so that she can continue "helping" him. Isn't that why she got him a girlfriend in the first place? Now, say they dated originally. Is the female doing this as a revenge tactic, saying to the man, in essence, that she got him his girlfriend, but you still need me to take care of you to keep you honest.

Again, this is the point where SMITUA has come in and completely thrown me in the middle of it, saying that, "She is the girl for me!!!" FUCK THAT SHIT!!! So, SMITUA plays this sick game, masturbating off of their conflict, and then presenting me with the opportunity to become intimate with the female. This in turn, tests the codependency, and tries to start conflict between me and the male, EVEN THOUGH THE FEMALE IS NOT HIS GIRLFRIEND AND HE HAS HIS OWN GIRLFRIEND!!!!! Here is the "coup de gras" though. He uses my decisions of remaining neutral to keep me from being intimate with the female, but punishing me for not giving in and giving her a chance per say. 

So again, I say, "When you love poopie love, poopie love. Oh you can't dare stop dreaming of the one you've been dreaming of..."

So, SMITUA, fuck you and the "project chick". You can keep them. One of the worst types of SMITUA'd females living in my book. Another SHAME!

It's like Garrison running for President...LOL!


An "Out Crazy" Story from turmoil...

The second weekend ago, my life blew up in my face again. I'm facing some turmoil, but what came out of it was a story about how SMITUA came about.

Now, remember in my other postings how I said SMITUA is an anagram for AUTISM. Now, imagine being born with slight autism. I was actually watching the movie "The Accountant" while this came about in my head. Now, the reason you have autism, or at least as the story goes, is because your family is Jewish and were in the concentration camps of Hitler. They got exposed to the harsh chemicals and whatnot while there, but survived to begin building a great family. SO, they have a child with slight autism. The child goes through turmoil through its life, but comes out on top, hiding its autism from everyone and succeeding as a Surgeon/Physician/Psychic Medium/etc... 

But, unfortunately, by harnessing this power given by GOD, braced in turmoil over a lifetime, they lose control of that inner hatred that has had to be hidden during that lifetime. So, in essence, this power turns into SMITUA, an alter ego that thrives on the hatred that they hold inside, hidden from everyone. On the surface, they are a giving, nurturing, individual, helping save lives. And you know what? They succeed at it. Even more so, during that time, the physician was able to have a beautiful wife, children of their own, even a loving canine! Things were so great for the physician that SMITUA then gets pissed off at the success. While the person is happy at their success, SMITUA turns it into arrogance in them. SMITUA then starts the divorce from the great life that was attained by the physician. Once that cycle is completed, SMITUA starts making the physician question GOD again. They physician looks to other religion like Scientology as a means to cope, but SMITUA is there to show its power. This then leads SMITUA to use GOD's power to give them a heart attack, nearly killing them. Humbled by that power that they think was GOD, the alter ego, building power over the hatred for GOD, making them born this way, destroying their wonderful life that they built, and then giving them a heart attack for their good deeds, starts using the power as SMITUA to take over people that are "Undeserving ASSHOLES". Ever heard the statement, "No good deed goes unpunished!"? So it begins...

They fight to maintain decorum in the real world, but only SMITUA allows people in, as a trap to everlasting bondage, much in the way Autism is looked at, or being a Hermaphrodite, or a Transgender, or someone with a terminal illness, or getting a heart attack for saving lives and having a wonderful family. He finds a counterpart, equally as strong, with a similar background of having being decimated by SMITUA. They begin using "poopie love" to feed their own hate for GOD's gifts and love given to them, but cursed BY them. What was looked upon initially as a chance to help someone defeat their demons, turns into a bondage unlike any other by SMITUASMITUA feeds the arrogance and hatred to the others while the original egos bask in its glory, even worshiping SMITUA by signifying it as a trophy and accomplishment that EVERYONE never saw. Hidden in plain sight, along with their counterpart, or so they think, the dictator/tyrant has become the same as the individual that almost destroyed their existence before they were even born.

Now the SMITUA ridden physician is trying to pass off the divorce issue to others as a three feathered peacock. Watching a little too much NBC there are we? Everyone else wishes they could do it to me, but what's funny, I can't even get a date, much less a wife!! HA! SMITUAed by their own SMITUA. So much for being a think tank when all you think is hate!

Hey, will somebody buy this idea off of me? I could use the money now since SMITUA has graciously fucked my finances again.

Anyway, as the shawty says, "IT IS WHAT IT IS!".

FUCK YOU SMITUA. Happy belated.


Let me reiterate how stupid SMITUA is...

Let me go into a part of my life when it was in turmoil. I was heavy into drugs, doing bad things to myself, and actually almost homeless. I then came into an opportunity to work at an abortion clinic. The next five years there would change my life. From what just started out as a job, became much more than that. It became a chance to see life as it is for a lot of people, FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE. I'm an ally of Azrael, the arc-angel of death and rebirth, as that angel has affected me completely in my transformation from being literally almost dead to having a rebirth through my experiences at that clinic an beyond. I advocated for abortion, and the choice to rise above a tragic choice to have to make. It gave those people facing it a chance to go through a rebirth in their own life, stemming from the choice they had to make in stopping the pregnancy. It IS life altering.

I remember standing out there amongst the protestors, and speaking with this lady that had a sign that said, "I regret my abortion." I started speaking with her, and she began to testify to me of her bad choices in life and how she was with the wrong crowd, doing drugs, fornicating, etc... She said she was then faced with the shame of Abortion for her inability to take care of the child that she was letting go of. She said she regretted her decision. I then asked her, "After your abortion, did you continue to be one of those bad people that led you to that crossroad?" She said, "No." I then said, "How then, can you having the abortion, be a regret? Your life has been changed for the better and you are a better person due to that experience.?" She didn't answer me, but that is when I realized I was doing good things and changing my life for the better. I had not faced abortion in my life, but if I continued down that wrong path, I would eventually face that. People make mistakes. That makes us human, but to be shamed by SMITUA constantly for its own gratification is just wrong. Also, that is NOT GOD's workings and teachings.

I went through a lot of denial during my transformation, as I was learning to become well with myself, and faced a lot of challenges that defined life. This is where that tainted vagina SMITUA comes in. At first, that cunt wanted to make me feel shameful for working at a place like that, but without going into innumerate detail, I have NEVER BEEN ASHAMED about my time there. Hell, why would I even be writing about it now if I was. SMITUA likes to take GOD's teachings in life and taint them to feel, what I describe it as, self sexual gratification to its peak. 

GOD has total knowledge that we're human and NOT perfect. There have been examples of how seemingly "perfect" people have irreputable damage done to them. For example 9/11. SMITUA would like you to think, feel, and believe that all those people that died, deserved it due to all their individual faults and "sins" per say. Enslaving the "undeserving assholes" minds as it were into a bondage that GOD even has a hard time releasing from them. I return to how SMITUA came about with the alter ego of the AUTISTIC physician, and how it has used an example like that to nurture the evil.

Again, SMITUA has pushed me to the brink, punishing me if I do good OR sin, not wanting me to be human, but a slave machine of the mind. It is the most shameful thing to think that advocating for something that significant, and it changing your life for the better, is a bad thing. An example of this is that I recently procured a much better paying job as to supplement my income to maintain my level of living that I had earned. I had also earned the job by proving my abilities and skills to the employer by mentoring, doing an IT Blog, learning, teaching, etc... Well, that job was cancelled, not by anything that I did or did not do. It was just the way it happened. SMITUA, in its arrogance, wanted me to believe that it was my supposed "sins" that caused it. When I proved that to be wrong, it said that it got pissed off because my good actions caused hurt in others and that stopped the success from moving forward. When I proved that wrong, it acted like the little pouty girl that it can be, and physically hurt me.

It's even worse that SMITUA will do the opposite of "Live and Let Live" to enslave you and your mind in turmoil. The worst thing though is that SMITUA, will take the opposite thoughts of the people in your life, and even manufacture those thoughts as them, trying to say their opinions against yours gave them the power to ruin your life. What I don't understand though is why an entity needs any gratification, sexual or otherwise, which is why I believe that it is a person manipulating through telekinesis. That person is the shame, hate, rotting cesspool that plagues this earth. Do they have knowledge that they are enslaved though?

GOD is somehow able to break through those barriers that make up SMITUA and keep my life going. I have to continue to question GOD's motives, but again, GOD never told JOB why he was put that all the shit he was put through though...

As for the abortion clinic, that part of my life is over, but if SMITUA keeps on, I might have to step in and harness the power of Azrael, as an ally, to help those that have helped me. As for those who have regrets like that, get the fuck over yourself and learn the rebirth that has and can continue to come from it. SMITUA is a stupid mind...

The book of Lance continues...


SMITUA in the media...

This came out a long time ago. Little did I know that SMITUA used this to break into the media to get what was already out there. SMITUA has used this against me for a very long time with sex, making it practically impossible for Lance to be in anyone's pants! I'm possible though, you might not have knowledge of what you're missing! Let me give you another example of how SMITUA plays the 'sisters' I speak of:


It's probably a great show, although I have NEVER seen a single episode. When I witness this commercial, I feel those two sisters and how they portray their evil out into the world. If you had knowledge of them as I have become to learn, this picture just fits. They are the worst. Just another example of SMITUA playing with lives.

Next, let's get into the "Slingers". These two portray the extroverts that I somewhat still admire, but I won't even go near that one:

Remember now, SMITUA is that alter ego, that thrives on hate, to suck you in, and enslave you for eternity. SMITUA? How fucking arrogant are you? It's like giving a child a paperclip and sticking them in a room full of power outlets! Good investment, but what an obvious damn trap! I'm not downing or disrespecting Sling TV in any sense, they're just a pawn in this sick SMITUA game. It's fun to watch those commercials though.

A lot lately, I've been playing the relationship as Charles Xavier to SMITUA being Eric Lehnsherr:

And, just like Professor X, I really have a tough time keeping Magnito in check. It's another inside sex reference...

Everyone, just watch out for those commercials, movies, and TV shows. SMITUA might make you into a method actor...


Now, what do I recall about all of these guys..oh yea..THEY'RE ALL DECEASED!

SMITUA - Rating for "Best of anything Good"

Zero Stars 

I just thought of this one:


"I'm thinking Daisy for Cottage CHEEEEEEEESE!" Ugh...

Well, I've got to return to rebuilding my crumbled existence. CHEERS!

The Letters Game...


You all have read where I despise how people are used to play games and how simple, good things, like learning the alphabet, are used by SMITUA as a fucking nightmare. The ones though, that voluntarily use this method, like the sisters, are far worse people. Using letters to start words that start SHIT are just bad and narcissistic.

Take the alphabet for example...

Because I got really good with numbers, SMITUA started using letters to define "games" with SMIT's so that it could maintain control over things and keep me distracted with the bullshit associated with the letters and the words they start. That arrogant fuck thinks of himself as a Scrabble Champion!

For example, my initials are LDL. I have made it into a motto of, Learn, Do, Live. It was an effort to create the positive out of this negative "female" inspired game. Now, I say female game, because the scenario always comes a one of the thoughts and actions of the sisters, or the hateful women, which are the core of the sisters as well, so I revert back to the sisters. Let me give you some examples of the letters and the words they represent.


ABUSE, Amber, Alphabet, Ass, Asshole, As, Anger, At, All, Angst, Amiable, Accomplish, Arrogant, Asinine, Against, Attack, Analytical, Action, AUTISM, AIMSTU...


BELIEF, Bitch, Boy, Block, Bunghole, Break, Best, Baby, Balls, Bed, Bad, Brain, Bust, Bark, Butt, Bullshit, Barricade, Bust, Boobs, Breast, Bare, Bear, Barron, Beast...


CHARITY, COUGH, Cunt, Core, Cannot, Caught, Couch, Chair, Clothing, Christ, Crap, Cocaine, Cigarettes, Circle, Cunnilingus, Cube, Control, Conjure, Counter, Crucify, Cancer, Care, CHOICE... <-- C is terrible!


DUDE, Dick, Dung, Dang, Define, Defeat, Dillhole, Drunk, Diabetes, Debt, Damn, Defecate, Desperate, Death, Dirty, Decimate, Destruction, Distraction, Doctor, Defunct, DIE, Do, DONE...


EGO, Emasculate, Eggplant, Energy, Entity, Envy, Error, End, Eat, Egg, Emotion...


FEAR, FAKE, FLIP, FOUR, Fire, Feel, Fall, For, Feeble, Forget, Fight, Finagle, Fuck, Fart, Fat, Funk, Flatulence, Fare, Fair, Fungus, Fornicate, Female, Firearm, Feminist, Fail, Failure... <-- F isn't good.


GOD, GAMES, Goddamn, Geez, Golf, Gout, Green, Guess, Get, Gravy, Gluttony, Gas, Gang, Gust, Gore, Gun, Great, Grand, Girl, Gender, Good... 


HATE, HIDE, Horny, Hedonist, Headache, Heart, Heroin, Hurt, Hurry, Hard, Harm, Hustle, Hemorrhage, HELL, Hung, Hang, Horror, Hole, Holy, Have... <-- H sucks!


JEALOUSY, JESUS, Jones, Job, Jerk, Jump, Jack, Jolt, Just, Jerry, Jugular, Justify, Justice, Jury...


LAYERS, Love, Lay, Lance, Lust, Laugh, Last, Level, Larceny, Late, Learn, Linger, Live, Lie, Liar, Long, Levitate, Letters, Leave...


MURDER, Masochist, Masculine, Move, Money, Mayme, Mediate, Middle, Masturbate, Minds, Manners, Monster, Muck, Mangle, Martyr, Miss, Make, Mark, Male, Must... 


OPPOSITE, OUT, Oppression, Oh, Okay, Ostracized, Ornate, Oblong, Ordinary... 


POWER, PAIN, Piss, Permutation, Pussy, Perforate, Phone, Poison, Pepper, Purist, Puncture, Protest, Pornography, Pious, Prostitute, Pray, Posthumous, Post, Penitent, Physician, Physical, Peeps, Poop, Pound, People... <-- P is pretty bad!


RAPE, REAL, REALITY, RECIPROCATION, Realize, Rate, Room, Respite, Ransack, Robbery, Rise, Route, Rust, Rouse, Run, Rule, Rung, Ring, Rotten... <-- R is really bad as well!


SMITUA, SILENCE, SHIT, SEX, Stuff, Slut, Sit, Stand, Submissive, Sadist, Sanity, Salt, Snot, Scenario, SCIENTOLOGY, Superior, Speak, Slang, Start, Smart, Spirit, Suck, Suffocate, Sensitive, Spoil, Sick, Stew, Stupid, Stank, Stagnant, Same, Smell, See, Stick, Smoke, Sting, Sad, Shoot, Sisters, Switch, Shower, Suffer... <-- S is the worst. 


TELEKENISES, Terror, Take, Turd, Three, Two, Too, To, Taught, Think, Turn, Torn, Tongue, Teach, Taste, Tank, Toot, Ton, Tart, Trust, Torture, Tame...


UP, UNBELIEVABLE, Urinate, Under, Utter, Understand, Use...


WEAK, Wreck, Weed, Weight, Women, Why, Worst, Wrath, Want, Win, Wanton, Wrangle, Wrong, Waiver, Wonder, Wordplay, Words... <--W is hateful too!

Believe me, I did not get all the letters to words that are being used to generate this hateful game of the linguist. SMITUA, again, in its arrogance, has managed to fill my mind with all of this shit. SMITUA is using these words in a negative manner, even though some of them are good and positive. SMITUA is a anagram for AUTISM. I'm not sure if SMITUA is using that anagram as a method to teach me what the mind of an Autistic person goes through as, from my knowledge, people with autism have trouble communicating through words. It goes with the incessant torture I conclude. They stay that sticks and stones will break bones, but words will never hurt ya? Words do hurt, just ask the liars that use hurtful words all of the time to protect their narcissistic ego. For example, they say that I state, "I'm better." Well, in a sense, I AM, because I have risen from that hateful nature of self destruction and things are going really good for me. But, in their narcissistic, hateful mind, I'm arrogantly saying that I am better than them. In essence though, by projecting that hatred towards me in that manner, they PROVE that I am better without me doing anything on my end! DUH!

I fight this all of the time people. These words just speak and start games. It's a living nightmare! Some have tried to use the letters in a visual sense as a blocking mechanism. They'll say, "I 'C' that." or they'll put an 'H' through themselves to block their front and back with hate. If they don't want the bar to go through them like a Xanax, then they'll do a "T.T." on themselves, one T front, and one T back, cause they're "special". They'll say "Oh!" <--Operative letter is O, as a halo around them trying to keep 'Out' the bad. Females will use 'B' for their Boobs, and Butt, in order to gain Control and Power over the "Womanizer", but are just using similar hatred tactics. Some will use an 'S', and place it above them to say their superior. Hell, I've even experienced a "C.J.", where they block with the "C" and fish hook their "J" of hatred into ya like an Angler! Permutations of the words and letters are significant as well. For example, RAPE was changed to define Right All People Everywhere. Again, Rape isn't good in any situation, and what is worse is that the sisters have abused that word to reek havoc on real victims to protect their lies. But, in the end, all those mechanisms, turn against the people using them.   

People, my advise is to think about the words that you use. We all have to be able to speak, but don't let thinking and emotion get in the way of that. Take positive from the letters and make positive words!

"Sometimes the best way to say something, is to say nothing at all!" - Say Something by Justin Timberlake/Chris Stapleton

I say, "Sometimes the best way to say something, is to say baby, bump, balls!!" LOL

Please Comment! Let me have knowledge of your thoughts!

Shadow Days are OVER and DONE!

SMITUA is a mother fucker. That cunt shithole of a spirit ruins the whole point of life. Look, people, if I have invited you over to my house, it is out of love for you and your family. You have shown me, IN THE REAL WORLD, your kind souls by allowing me into your worlds, however they may be. You all have been influential on my life by BEING in it. 

My group of friends are of all walks of life and include my parents. Social norms dictate that these different groups don't mesh with each other. I CALL TOTAL BULLSHIT on all of you for letting SMITUA even creep that thought in your heads...All of you have been a positive influence in my life, even if you did NOT have knowledge of it. I want all of you to have the knowledge of my admiration for you all actually STAYING CURRENT in my life. RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW! If he hasn't put that shit in your heads, and it is just me fighting him, I apologize. I will NOT apologize though for having all of you, that are real, and tangible to my existence, in my life. I'm not trying to show off for anyone. It is a thank you for being there, even though it might not be the social normality.

I got something for that fucking cocksucker SMITUA...fucking with my friends heads...

SHADOW DAYS - John Mayer

Did you know that you could be wrong
And swear you’re right
Some people been known to do it all their lives

But you find yourself alone
Just like you found yourself before
Like I found myself in pieces on the hotel floor

Hard times help me see
I’m a good man with a good heart
Had a tough time, got a rough start
But I finally learned to let it go
Now I’m right here, and I’m right now
And I’m hoping, knowing somehow
That my shadows days are over
My shadow days are over now

Well I ain't no trouble maker
And I never meant her harm
But it doesn’t mean I didn’t make it hard to carry on
Well it sucks to be honest (honest)
And it hurts to be real
But its nice to make some love that I can finally feel

Hard times let me be
I’m a good man with a good heart
Had a tough time, got a rough start
But I finally learned to let it go
Now I’m right here, and I’m right now
And I’m hoping, knowing somehow
That my shadows days are over
My shadow days are over now

I’m a good man with a good heart
Had a tough time, got a rough start
But I finally learned to let it go
Now I’m right here, and I’m right now
And I’m hoping, knowing somehow
That my shadows days are over
My shadow days are over now


Read the words while you listen to that song. SMITUA sits in its house and fucking whines like a little girl, shoving its goddamn hate and hurt trying to keep others from living. You'd swear you're right SMITUA, but guess who's the fucking cunt who is alone!

It shouldn't even be a question for the people that I have invited to my house. I hope to see all of you there, and I hope SMITUA fucking chokes on the semen that is now its world. All that fame, power, and prestiege, for what..."a living fucking mausoleum dedicated to hatred" as a past friend would say.





Peeps and Poop

The two go hand in hand...

I've been dealing with both of these for a while now. Ironically, my canine Bella loves to chew on these two objects, but she never really destroys them, keeping them around for more enjoyment. Have you ever heard anyone say that they have to go "PP"? In my experience, that has always meant the need to urinate. I recently discovered that it truly means Peeps and Poop. When dealing with SMITUA, it likes to make you think that "Peeps" are your good people helping you out in the world and assist you with making decisions. 

As most of us probably have knowledge of, "Peeps" are those marshmallow treats we get at Easter time that are supposed to be fluffy goodness. Now, most of the time, they harden into a brick or are so sticky that they stick to your teeth and end up pulling out a filling, causing you pain. "Peeps", in the real world, are usually people in your life that are only nice to you in order to mask their hate and jealousy for you. Most of the time, they come as somebody that wants to help you succeed, but in essence they want to "Poop" on you, of course with a smile! Their obsession with "Pooping" is so great, that your marshmallow goodness that they hate, is strong enough to make them literally shit their pants!

That is why the two go hand in hand. Let me say here that I DESPISE peeps and the poop they bring. Fortunately, that is probably why my canine doesn't completely destroy them. It's to help warn me of the "Peeps" and the "Poop" they bring. Next time you're in my house and you see Bella chewing on these objects, you might smell the faint odor of defecation which might alert you to a "Peep" being in the room. Hopefully, that "Peep" is not yourself...

SMITUA goes so far as to make the one being the ruler of the "Peeps" be that hot female that almost went too far with ya, since she had a boyfriend at the time. I always keep my senses aware for "Peeps". I've got something for them:

I told SMITUA it should defecate on its own hand, squeeze it, and be a "Peep" since it loves them so much...

I'll never come myself as a "Peep". I'll just stay out of your life. I have no time for that mess of poop! I'll alter a quote by Snoop Dog, "I'll treat a Peep like 7UP. Never Have, Never Will!"

Watch out for Peeps and Poop...they go hand in hand...

A little about me and Earning a place in the world...

Helping others in the SMITUA world...

When I was forced to have my life transformed, and was made to be decimated from being successful to having the challenge to rebuild that world while doing the SMITUA stuff, I had to approach that with being given other people's lives and made to "fix" them. That alone goes against my philosophy of "live and let live". It was an attempt to have me generate and cultivate my "hate" (which I don't aspire to), so that the sisters could continue being their feeble, SMITUA, selves. 

I have fought, vigilantly, and almost violently, against this process, and have made great strides to return to the life I was living. During that time, I made the best of it, when I could, to keep neutral, but at the same time, keep the person I was moving forward. Now, most of them I could not even begin to change, which was NOT my goal. But, what choice do you have when you can't proceed with your own existence without "sharing" your fight with them. After all this time, I have now come to the point that is best put by a John Mayer song,

"Done with broken people. This is me I'm working on...cause I know. Good Love is on the way."

John Mayer's music has been significant in my life, and continues to be to this day. His stuff is tough, and yet, the sisters just scoff at him with their hate and arrogance. I'm done with trying to help them and others see the good that music can bring and the good it has brought to my life. I have a goal to be able to meet John Mayer in person, and possibly play music with him as he has been influential. I hope that I can someday. 

There are things I have to do now in my life, and I AM DOING THEM, but if SMITUA and its minions continue with their arrogant approach to life, and continue to use it to inflict hurt, hate, and haunt me with that ghost, things will have to transpire for that evil to be eradicated from my world. I have started to earn my rightful place in the world, if they think I don't deserve it, or should be forced to do more than I aspire to out of arrogance, and hate, then I will put a STOP to all that. I cannot continue to do it for others though in the SMITUA world. That has to be done on their own.

"To each his own" is the right of a person to have his own opinion and make his own decisions. It can be any decision, opinion or view. Many times the right to take a decision alone can look to be rude especially when it goes against the opinion of others in a group." - From

Well, how rude is it for someone to hold hate, arrogance, and haunting against the person making their own decision? Ask yourself, "Have I just been SMITUAed?" You might want to look in the mirror there buddy...

Again, if I disagree, to the point where it causes too much tension in the relationship, I will walk away from it, holding no grudge, as long as SMITUA doesn't fuck with it, as it has in the past. I will then attack SMITUA for the wrong doing that it is inflicting on me due to its vile nature. Again, I return to "Live and Let Live."

SMITUA had done all of this to make me get a lesson out of life, which I have. Now, it is trying to use my accomplishment to inflict haunt, hurt, and hate to others, while torturing me at the same time. It's not GOD's method as I have lived it. And shame on SMITUA for playing GOD in that manner, which is why I cannot aspire to give SMITUA any admiration for anything that it has done in my life, as it is always superseded by the arrogant, narcissistic, and vile nature of SMITUA

I will continue to aspire to Learn, Do, Live as my initials so adequately state. Please, aspire to do the same for your benefit and the benefit of others. A person has to earn their place, and will be tested, but one has to take initiative to continue moving forward, if they want to earn their place. Again, I'm not going to tell you how to live, as that would make me a SMITUA. That, I am NOT! I'm also not trying to take over the world. I want to work with the successes as a team in a mutually beneficial relationship that helps me succeed along side other successes, and grab my piece of what is out there! Selfish, ABSOULUTELY NOT, when it is done in truth and with goodness in the heart. Please, remember that. That is what EARNING is all about. Earning your place in the world...