SMITUA and Slavery of the mind...

SMITUA Says, "Use 10% of your brain..."

That's because he wants you to think that you are not intelligent, but what he has taught me, is that even though we use pretty much every part of our brain and one point or another through our day, to have a lock on your entire brain 100% of the time is where you will fail and SMITUA will win. 

SMITUA unlocks, at least it did in me, a telekinetic connection in the brain. It's supposed to be an advantage to me because I am able to "HEAR" all the bad energy that surrounds all of us in the world. It was an attempt to make me forget my inherent "feel" for bad energy and set me up to have an even worse disadvantage than SMITUA believed I already had. I was told it would make me better. I was told I would be powerful. I was told that it was the way SMITUA learned to mitigate and hinder the bad energy, which it probably did, but that is where SMITUA went wrong. SMITUA started learning how to manipulate that energy to hurt people and that SMITUA did. When I think about that last statement I made, I even feel a sexual pleasure being derived from the thought. Again, I am not a physician or a psychologist in ANY sense, I am just going off of experience. It goes back to being one of the undeserving assholes that SMITUA claims all of us are. I NEVER wanted to have this ability. It is just plain insulting to me how SMITUA uses people's minds as a control tactic in many forms. I'm just too fatigued at this moment to go into it in depth, but the arrogance used to keep my spirits down, and to treat me as if I were a slave, it just constant, belligerent, and troubling.

SMITUA wants you to think you only use 10% of your brain so that he can store, manipulate, and crucify you with the other 90% of it. I can only attest that I have fought this process so well that SMITUA has resorted to these tactics again and again to keep his "precious".

In essence, SMITUA wants you to become Gollum, but, it is only SMITUA's mere reflection of itself and what the power has done to consume SMITUA. Sad, very sad. 

So, on this last day of 2018, I say that I am leaving from the telekinetic portion of this as I have proven that it does NOT work. Just being inside of a female's brain (and I have been in multiple per SMITUA) has been enough for me to never want to get close to one in any emotional, mental, or spiritual sense. I always felt that way before I was plagued with SMITUA, but I never heard it like that, and I could not prove it. It is always the female brains starting it, or maybe it's SMITUA instigating the process. Either way, the vile nature at which the female mind goes about thinking is probably punishment for the gift of being able to bleed for FIVE DAYS and NOT die! Men have the nothing box (watch the video below), which is supposed to be a gift for having to deal with the female chicken wire that is called their mind! That box for me has been raped by these female minds that SMITUA has arrogantly graced me with.  That's why I say telekinesis go "bye bye!"

Think it is a joke? Go ahead and laugh ten percent-er...You smell the KY Jelly SMITUA is using to masturbate with at this moment? Maybe he is lubing the other 90% of your brain to fuck with.

I stick with my conclusion, not assumption, that the female mind is bad. Any females, please feel free to prove me wrong though telekinesis, or do this:  Just shut your minds in, take that barbed wire you call a brain, and shove it up your poor man's ass like you all do. Again, everyone assumes I am crazy enough, if this shit continues as it is, I might just have to prove that.

Happy New Year!

UPDATE 1/1/2019:

Fifty Percent (50%) of marriages FAIL because of this opposite nature. That female chicken wire of fucked up energy comprised of the female brain is the reason that failure is eminent. Again, I cannot even BEGIN to get emotionally, mentally, or spiritually close to a female because of that FUCKED UP, POWER HUNGRY, GOLLUM MIND! My parents are still married going on 53 years. My conclusion is that SMITUA gave me the other 50% of failures and expects me to teach them tolerance when they are unable to even BEGIN to keep emotion out of it. POWER is the un-spoken deadly sin, it is worse than MONEY, SEX, or STATUS. Which came first, the chicken or the egg....hmmm...guess we'd have to ask the SNAKE in the garden of Eden (SMITUA). And, if arguing and emasculating a man brings you sexual drive and pleasure, STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME AND MY SPIRIT. FOREVER! I'D RATHER WALK AWAY WHILE YOU LAY DYING. EMOTION THAT!

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Lance Lingerfelt 12/31/2018 7:39:13 PM

UPDATE: Since nobody wants to read or post yet on here, I will test this out. I was going to the store tonight to get some food since everything will be closed for New Years, when I slipped on the wet ground and almost broke my ankle again, in almost the same exact manner as I did the first time. The first time, though, was all my fault. This time, it was NOT. SMITUA decided to use that female emotional crap ass of a brain to try and hurt me again. Luckily, I did not break the ankle, it is just sore along with my knee. Also, it has now stopped those bad spirits from coming in through that fault in my body, so it might have worked out. It still does NOT excuse a means to an end. will come, and that right soon!

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